What MSM Isn’t Saying About Today’s Response At The Navy Yard


If you haven’t heard, there was a lockdown at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. today after a 911 call came in at 7:29 AM stating there were gunshots.  The response was “swift and massive” according to ABC News.

Fortunately, there was no shooter.  There were no gun shots.  It was a false alarm.  I’m sure this brought back horrible memories from September 2013 when a lone gunman went on a shooting spree at the Navy Yard, killing 12 people before being killed himself by police.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier was quick to point out that things were corrected from the last incident and the response here went very well and it was a well-coordinated response.  Fantastic!

But what is everyone ignoring?  How about the fact that if there had been a shooter, it still took time for officers from Naval Security, D.C. Metropolitan Police, U.S. Capitol Police, Park Police, U.S. Marshal Service, ATF and FBI minutes to get on scene, mobilize, coordinate, set up a perimeter and more.

That time that it took them could have accounted for multiple lives lost.  Once the shooting starts, you’re already behind the curve and you have to play catch up.

In a crowded office building or compound, it only takes minutes for total chaos and carnage to occur before being met by a massive police response.  Regardless of how fast the response, every minute, every second, counts.  It took 9 minutes between the time of the person hearing a shot and calling 911.  Another minute before an announcement was made over the PA, and who knows how many more minutes before the response was on scene… that’s a lot of time to do some damage.

When is DC and the Naval political machine going to allow the brave men and women, both civilian and otherwise, the opportunity to protect themselves at home?